Making the
planet better
since 2011.



At HT 360 Collective as a group of Indian minority muslim women designers, we design contemporary clothing for people who are mindful of their impact on earth.

HT 360 is an extension of all that inspires us. The brand is a medium of communicating the nuances of our accumulated thoughts, idiosyncratic visuals of the world and life-changing experiences. It is a by-product of the people we meet, places we visit, culture that keeps us rooted and a country that reminds us of the diversity in beauty and beauty in diversity.

The brand wishes to revive indigenous textile crafts of ancient India by empowering the faces behind it while keeping the above narrative flowing and alive in every piece of the brand and clothing. The products are locally sourced and are handmade by skilled craftsmen and hence each piece is as unique as the person wearing it.

HT 360 Collective  is designed to provide the world with an experience of nature, design and art, one person at a time.

It is a manifestation of living more sustainably.

As a brand, we believe in transparency, good working conditions, least carbon footprint, impeccable quality and a circular ecosystem, embracing slow fashion at every step.

How do we do this?
By crafting clothing with a green heart. A green heart is one that respects nature and the people who craft our clothing.

Meet our Team

Navita Dhingra

Fashion Designer

Veena Jain


Ruchika Kumari

Art Direction

Parveen Jahan


Hema Seghal